Monday, August 29, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #173 - End of Summer

Join me for the last TCR of the Summer! It's going to be a blast!

Download the episode from the podomatic page.


  1. March of 2010 was when you appeared for the third time on G and DB Radio. That was also the same podcast episode you met Jerry for the first time. I also agree with you that the era of mid 2010 to late 2011 was the golden era for not only Tiger Claw Radio but also for the Mondo Cool Cast. Reason for this is because you guys cranked out some golden podcasting material during that time which I still find hilarious. One example specifically with TCR was the Monster Cast you released in November of 2010. That still as of today is the greatest podcast episode I ever listened to in my opinion.  One part of that episode that stands out was the two and a half hour segment you did with Jerry. That legendary segment which included a story about mistakening dead babies for Crown Royale. I probably listened to the entire Monster Cast about 10 times but I have not heard it in its entirety for years. Will probably give it another listen to if I go on a long road trip someday.

    I also am in agreement with seeing mobile gaming as a legitment portable gaming option instead of a Nintendo or Sony platform. I play all my mobile games on an Android tablet though instead of my Android phone. Reason for this is because the screen on a phone is too small for me. However, even though games such as Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds can be fun for a bit, I cannot play those games for more than ten minutes. I would recommend to you the Square Enix games as something to try. Specifically The World Ends with You and Dragon Quest 8. Those are the two best mobile games I played and even though each one of them is $20 a piece, they are so worth it.

    I can confirm that I am now going to jump right into the 8th console generation with the PS4 Pro in November. I placed my pre-order the day it was announced and cannot wait to try out Final Fantasy 15 in November, The Last Guardian in December, Yakuza 0 in Janurary, and Persona 5 in February. So already I have a game a month to look forward to once I get the console.

    Finally, ending this with a question. Opinion on The Spoonyone of the present? Asking since I remember when Spoony also had a golden era that was so long ago. Sadly he became a washed out Internet celebrity in my opinion with only producing one video review a year for the past three years. Everything else that gets cranked out by him now are just half assed Let's Plays that are just painfully boring to watch.

    Sorry this comment is a bit long but hey, at least I was able to save this for your comeback episode after taking a hiatus. Well, hope to hear more episodes in the future. Keep up the good work.

  2. I came over to THE OFFICIAL Tiger Claw website because I know that a Critical Failure return is not far off and a man should never come back to an empty Fail Bag, but leave it to internet legend Balzak to have out done me once again!!!

    You mentioned a trip to Disney World with the family, so enough of this lame video game shit, excluding Space Mountain obviously, what is your favorite Disney World Ride, GO!