Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #160 - Mimiga Enraged

This week on the show, discussing Cave Story, running a game server on the Raspberry Pi 2, What to do with that old computer? All this and more on TCR 160. Come and hang out!

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Download the Greenleo Famitracker album "The King of Time" for free here:

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  1. My score; probably shouldn't of made the mistake of going on the boat. (Final score was 78285, died after taking this screen)

    And Christ, no. The DoA movie is terrible. Unless you really want to see the entire filmography of Kevin Nash, and plots that involve Sunglasses giving special fighting powers.

  2. Comments written while listening. You totally don't have to read all this out.

    Daw...thanks <3

    That first portion there, you sounded a bit under the weather. Hopefully, you're feeling better (you did at least sound like it in the second half).

    The song used for the Game of the Week sounded pretty awesome.

    I may not join in the score challenge at first, but may down the road.

    Happy belated birthday!

    Complimentary 'Hell yeah!' at the mentioning of Civ III. Have been playing it a little bit with my brother online. Fun stuff.

    Nice, fifty-five three. I like the sound of that, but you can just call me Taylor. It is a bit easier.

    Let's Plays aren't terrible, but not really a fan of watching them, maybe in tiny, tiny chunks.

    Thrustmaster? Not sure if I misheard, but sounds like a fun time.

    Sweet mercy, that new Doom generic and lame:/ It does look a bit of fun outside of a few aspects of the game here and there (slow down when changing weapons, demons dropping health and what not).

    Hearing about that Wasteland bit with the suits suggesting the direction of a game/series, so disappointing.

    Silence speaks volumes and a lot of media seems to have forgotten that. Got to make that noise!

    Thank you for the advice. I didn't know about Fiver. That's a damn cool aspect.

    You whiffed on the otaku stuff. If anything, probably the only thing like that I REALLY like is doujinshi music (think things like OCremix, but in Japan). I may have lived in Japan for 6 years, but not a fan of most of that sort of thing.

    I do agree about keeping editing to a minimum. Part of it, because it takes so long, but another part is that it can make it feel a bit artificial.

    Don't care for Pewdiepie and honestly, couldn't tell you who Jon Tron is:/

    Oh, if you're wanting some new music, I could pass some doujinshi stuff your way (or at least their websites), if you're interested.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Yup. don't like JonTron. Not because of his popularity although that does baffle me. He has good production quality but his commentary just comes off as very comedian pretending to be a gamer. He just doesn't come off as a legitimate guy to me. That bothers me greatly that he is considered a king, more like a Loki to me.

  4. Granted, JonTron doesn't annoy me enough to where I want to wish harm on him. I just don't get why he is popular. He just seems like a guy that hides under really good video quality.

  5. I agree with the Gamester situation. Any flak given to him over the Chameleon going bust is a bit unfair. Gamester working on a game for that system was the only legitimate thing about that system.

  6. You also need to play 1 Greenleo song per episode. Also, I miss the pre-chiptune era of Greenleo.

    Good episode overall... minus that slightly snarky response to my comment. You know I'm not as petty to dislike someone because they are more popular than me, otherwise I'd hate all my friends and that'd be terrible. Looking forward to the next one.

  7. I like the old PC usage ideas, would be cool to know how those experiments go.

    Need to play more cave story for sure.

    I am rendering my Spyhunter High Score Challenge entry as I type this, it will be posted on TNR soon.

  8. The distorted face you used for this episode's thumbnail is very disturbing. Did you make that or steal it from Google images?

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  10. Glad to hear all the chiptunes this episode!

  11. Sorry to hear our flea market shut down. It seems like these days it is getting harder and harder to find retro stuff at the flea market/swap meet. I saw Pat the NES Punk (blatant name drop) at the Socal Retro Gaming Expo and he told me its getting so bad that he might discontinue his "Flea Market Madness" series.

  12. LOL. Not hating on MAGFest. It still would have been worth it to hang out with you bro.

  13. Oops, I forgot to send in an audio question.

  14. I'm glad your Japanese Game Boy game worked.

  15. The gun powder smell is probably from whatever propellant they use to deploy the airbag.

  16. Chiptunes on Tumbler??? I never would have expected that.

  17. I enjoyed hearing your defense of Gamester81.

  18. OMG...I am dying laughing at your non-English speaking K-Mart employee comparison. You crack me up dude.