Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #123 - Tiger Bowl

Tiger Claw Radio #123 is up again! After a break pending a hospital visit, I'm back again. It's time for the Tiger Bowl! The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in a simulated grudge match! Grab TCR #123 now!

Grab the mp3 here.

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  1. Great Episode as usual man. I liked the idea of the Tiger Bowl. I gotta relisten those episodes now since it has been a while. I like the idea of simulated fights, a huge part for the concept for "Virtual Warrior" comes from that, since I use MUGEN and a modded Freedom Force to simulate fights. I think the result is more genuine then shows like Deathbattle since its just a discussion with a nice animation in the end. Its funny how the game failed on you, but yeah old games can be finicky. Im no Football fan at all so Id use Mutant Leage Football or something other goofy like that. Also the Castle Doctrine guy doesnt understand how digital distrubution sales work. Sale motivate consumers to get their games legally instead of pirating them. Steam, GOG and Bundles have done more to fight piracy then anybody else in the last 20 years. He needs a reality check and recognize he is an indie game maker, and get off of his high horse. Also question since you were talking about Steams tagging system, what features or changes would you wish from Steam?

  2. Hey bro. Sorry to hear about your daughter, but glad she is okay now. Question: If the Tiger Bowl is a tradition that you have done for the last several years, why do you keep referring to it at "Tiger Bowl 1"????

  3. Yeah, I have to agree with the developer on The Castle Doctrine not getting a sale ever. Just saying because of the basic premise of games need to make money in order to recoup the cost of making the game. It sucks though that I am not going to buy the game since I bought about 99% of my PC games when they were on sale but still understand the no sale policy.

    Anyways, that Gooch and the Dooshebag clip brought back memories. That was great hearing their voices again just being themselves and goofing off. I hope they will make a new podcast episode soon. Speaking of that promo folder, was there one that Jerry made? Asking since I remember hearing a pretty funny promo for a podcast a while ago he made but cannot remember which podcast it was for.

    Finally, my question for you CF is have you ever Kickstartered a game? Wondering since as I am typing this now, the Shaq Fu 2 Indigogo is still pending and that and Broken Age were the only games that I ever backed.