Friday, May 24, 2013

Android Review: Combo Crew (The Game Bakers)

Brawlers are a good time. Even bad brawlers are a little fun. The worst brawler I can think of is Pit Fighter for the SNES and even that was somewhat entertaining. Combo Crew is a brawler for iOS and Android that I was lucky enough to try recently. The big draw here is that there is no on-screen controller involved. Fighting is accomplished by swiping over the enemies, and the character will run over and execute an attack. Two finger swipes execute a combo and a swipe+holding the end motion executes a charged attack.

So how does it feel playing a game with this control scheme? Well, it’s better than an on screen controller, but worse than a real controller. Since, the player is actually swiping the enemies physically, the main character is controlled indirectly through a series of commands. That indirect control creates a disconnect that makes the game a little difficult for me to get into. Apart from that, they really accomplished their goal of eliminating the on-screen controller. On the down side, there is a keychain game controller for android on the horizon that will render this entire mechanic obsolete.

The art style is very serviceable. The main characters are the babe, the roid freak and the average dude respectively. Then, to mix things up, there is also a sack of potatoes with a pot on its head called “Samo”. I liked Samo. Apart from that though, I can kinda tell the developers were looking to make “Fighting Game Characters”. All in all, the player characters are a little uninspired, but they are serviceable. The game makes up for this with the enemies though. Among the huge list of generic rent-a-thugs are weird computer heads with baby diaper things and strange pot-on-head things from my nightmares.

Combo Crew comes complete with a load of in game Unlockables which you can unlock just by playing as well as a multiplayer mode. The Unlockables that don’t require extra money are a breath of fresh air. The android version of Combo Crew is available for 1.99.

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