Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ace of Spades Sucks

I would like to voice my dissatisfaction with this game.
I have a few complaints about this game that several of my fellow Steam users have also taken issue with. I feel they should be logged somewhere so here is the deal.

1) Poor Optimization.
I know that the system requirements are listed in detail on the store page. However this is an ugly game. There are absolutely no textures. There is no reason why it should not run on my i5 laptop. At 10 bucks, This is a budget game. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. If that means overhauling the engine, than that’s what they have to do.

2) No level building.
The concept of spending 3 hours building a map to have a 3 minute shootout is what attracted me to

this game. Nope. But then, this is old news isn’t it? The real trouble is that this is not a technical issue. This is an example of a game company removing features so they can sell back to the consumer what was once free. Need proof? The new DLC features “Brand new maps”. Jagex, I don’t need your maps. I can build my own maps. Why is this game even made of cubes? There is no building at all involved.

3) No Bots Match.
Since large scale building is gone and I have to use my wife’s newer computer to play the game, it’s not unreasonable to have a bots match. Bots were being used in first person shooters more than 10 years ago. (Quake 1 had a multiplayer bot mod. The creator was hired by Epic to do the AI for Unreal Tournaments bots.) If Jagex is going to buy a free game and sell it back to consumers, they should at least add SOMETHING. You suck Jagex.

Better first person shooters you can get for 10 dollars or less right here on steam:

Shattered Horizon – 9.99 – FPS Arena death match in space
Unreal Tournament – 9.99 – You know what? You can build levels in that game.
Team Fortress Classic - 4.99 – Go see the roots of this great series.
Garry’s Mod – 9.99 - The zombie mode in Ace of Space is ripped right from this game.
Nuclear Dawn – 9.99 – Gotta secure those control points!
Doom 2 – 4.99 – Get the source port “Zandronum” for modern multiplayer action.
Quake 1 – 9.99 – Get the source port “nQuake” for modern multiplayer action.
Quake 2 – 9.99 – has a list of still populated servers.
Team Fortress 2 – Free – Needs more hats.
Red Faction – 9.99 – blow up walls JUST LIKE IN ACE OF SPADES
Red Faction II – 9.99 – Ditto.
Counter Strike (1.6) – 9.99 – Report in team!
Deathmatch Classic – 4.99 – Quake 1 DM maps in the HL1 engine.
Day of Defeat – 4.99 – Aw man.. I want to be the brits. Oh well.
Sanctum – 9.99 – Here comes another wave. To arms ladies!
Unreal Gold – 9.99 – Better guns then UT. Has the Deck-16 map.
Serious Sam 2 – 9.99 – There is never enough blood.
Nexuiz – 9.99 – Arena shooter on the Cry engine.
Iron Grip: Warlord – 7.99 – RTS/Shooter on the Quake III engine.
Ricochet – 4.99 – End of line.

There is no reason for anyone to ever buy Ace of Spades game again.

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  1. Agreed building levels was the reason this game could have been gold.

    Also why is it that Killing Floor and LFD2 run better on my old laptop then this game that looks like shit? I didnt buy Mappacks in Modern Warfare 2 and I am not buying them now. Back in the Day People made great levels for shooters. Modding and user interaction was bigger. Now companies want you too contiually pay for extra or BASIC(!!!!) features. WTF?

    I can understand expansion packs. Morrowind is a complete game of epic proportions. You can spent easily 300+ hours without expansions. And you can mod it too adding more gameplay. Then you can play Tribunal and Bloodmoon two epic length expansions with new areas (a huge city and an entire island) monsters, weapons, features, quests etc. This is extra stuff. Ace of Spades is lame, I wanted to like it but I rather play Killing Floor (which is a full game, only DLC is some skins and some special weapons) or any of the Shooters I have, and there are many more. Ace of Spades could have been great but failed miserably.

    Well put good sir