Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TCR on it's way!

Sorry TCR is late this week guys! I set aside time last night to get it finished and posted and I ended up having to rush my three year old son to the hospital. (He's fine by the way.) I'll get it finished and posted soon. Hopefully tonight or early tomorrow.

Also I have a video from my Rockman Exile playthrough all ready to go up! It's Bubbleman's stage! Hopefully that should also be up tonight.

Peace yalls! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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  2. Im really happy your kid is alright. Family and real life is always first but Im happy you are still making stuff.

    Also, I love your Megaman Exiles Letsplay! Cant wait for Bubbleman. Also I never noticed but he should lay of the burgers moar like BigBubbleman, amrite?

  3. im glad your kid is ok. take as long as you need and as always looking forward to the next podcast.

  4. Four trips to the ER for my two kids combined! They are quite durable creatures actually.

  5. Family first man. This stuff online will be here when you have time to do it.

  6. Nice, nearly that time of the year for the annual chiptune new years special.

    I hope you have a safe holiday too.