Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tiger Claw Radio #107 - Atomic Acid Mayhem

Back in the saddle. Woot! Here are the notes.

Zandronum  -

Tactical Burger Uprising

Kill Your Mind

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  1. Great show CF. I think it's totally possible that you influenced the decision to include level editor with the new Worms game. Way to go! I didn't get the mystery track this time around. I thought it was from Sim City.

  2. Hey CF, yeah it's odd that you claim to never run into me when I'm online all the time. lol But in all seriousness you should really hit me up and catch up.

    Oh yeah I should ask some questions to make this official. Um...
    Would you like to take a moment to sip your coke?
    Can I embed that playlist I made for you on itstailtime?
    What will it take to get the harmonica back?
    How should one read this question?