Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tiger Claw Radio #94 - Little bit o Kaiser

Episode 94 is a jumbo episode featuring an 80+ minute spot with Kaiser Sundae, a three year veteran of spraying doo doo into podcasting microphones. Check him out on his website SACWAC.


  1. 2 year veteran. lol. Unless your counting guest spots pre-Catcast. If thats the case, DAMN!

  2. Great episode this week. Especially the part where you and Retrokaiser were going through old forum posts. Man, good times at those forums. Anyways, I just got Half Life GOTY and entered the key into my Steam account and it gave me a ton of games. So I have been getting into the original Half Life lately and want to know what is your opinion on the series? Especially on the expansion packs. From what I played, it's really good and that the PC version is a whole lot better to play than the Dreamcast version.