Monday, January 23, 2012

Tiger Claw Radio #93

After being in Disney World for the past two weeks I didn't have too much to talk about. However I have some recordings of New Years Eve. I stayed up that night doing trivia with some of the guys from The Corner Pub.

Check out The Corner Pub for an awesome TF2 server and a Minecraft server is on the way.

Download the mp3 here.

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  1. Oh $^@#. Did I just hear what I just heard. Tiger Claw Radio will become live alongside Mondo Cool Cast. Will try to check that out when you make your second live appearance on Mondo Cool Live Night. Speaking of get togethers, were you able to try out Star Trek Online yet? I did on the first day it became free to play and after about 2 hours of play, I quit because I got too bored.