Saturday, July 16, 2011

Work Continues on Kolteka

     Some of you may remember about a year ago that I released a demo for an Rpg Maker 2000 game called Kolteka. It did fairly well as these things go. It was a pretty serious pet project of mine around the time my son was born. It gave me something to kick around in my head during those late nights. Anyway, after the demo came out, the project hit the back burner in favor of video making and podcasting.

     Tonight I made the first changes to the game since the demo came out. Woo! I feel good about it. Playing the game gave me a bit of a weird feeling. I am really fond of the characters, but I really see the flaws in the design pretty clearly. I found about seven major bugs in play testing before I even made a single change. Ouch.

     Anyway, tonight I made my first change to the game. It was just a simple tweek to the debug room, but it's a major step in dusting off the old project and getting it rolling. Kolteka is alive and well. I don't know how long it will be before a new version is out. Here's hoping I can drum up some interest in the game again.

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