Sunday, February 13, 2011

Neon Lights - Freeware Review

Neon Lights is set up in the format of a Dual Stick Shooter. This one is a bit different from the other ones I have reviewed thus far. The gimmick here is that the shooting is totally automated. The player automatically emits a constant stream of bullets in the direction of motion. As enemies fade into the screen, the player must race around the screen in order to send the wave of bullets in tactical places.

This is a pretty fun gimmick which gives the game a bit of an arcade-ish feel. Like, I really wish I had a USB arcade stick to play this with. This is especially true since there is no attack button. I have taken to playing it with my Dual Stick controller, but since the game only uses the left stick, it feels like the rest of the controller is dead weight. It should be noted however that this game DID recognize my controller. Not bad for a free game since Arcadia, which costs five dollars by the way, does not.

You might notice my screenshot of the title screen denotes low graphical settings. This is a really simple game, but the artwork is very psychedelic.  My computer is really old so unfortunately I have to play on a lower setting. Yes that is a bit embarrassing, however I am thankful that the developer left that option in there.
This game may not change your life, but it’s a darn good time. Go download Neon Lights.

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