Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bullet Candy - Indie Review

Dual stick shooters are definitely in abundance in the indie scene. I feel it has reached a point where this type of game must reach a high quality standard to be even in the low end indie cost bracket. (There are a large number of free shooters to compete with.)

Bullet Candy is one indie title which delivers on its five dollar price tag. This is a wave based game with a few unlockable modes, but the real draw here is it's unabashed "bullet hell" nature.
The standard mode has 50 levels with continue points every fifth stage. My Logitech game pad was supported so I had no problem with controls (though I had to monkey with the options for a while to get it to work.)

One feature of the game which changes the dynamic is the suicide option. If you press the suicide key, you retain all your power-ups when you restart the stage. This means every second you are in the playing field, a watchful eye must be kept to stay out of a corner; otherwise you are better off pulling the plug.

While Bullet Candy excels in the visual department, my only real gripe with the game is the background music. It features a single song which replays through each level. Though not a bad tune, it has little variation and gets old before the game play does.

 I really enjoyed this game for what I payed for it, and I have seen it go on sale since then. If you like bullet hell or dual stick shooters, give Bullet Candy a try.

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