Wednesday, June 8, 2022

What? Where am I?

This blog format is evidence of days past. I put all this together back when I was "Building my empire". (lol. I know.) I do however, have some interest in running a personal blog again. With that in mind, that's what this place will become. 

As of now, I'm still listed as a member of 'Emerald Rangers'. So any polished writing will end up there. I'm also still a part of The Next Round, so if they ever decide to have a revival, I'll produce for them as well.

A lot has changed since I used to run this site regularly. Namely, the domain name is up for sale. Also, I now run a record label called 'Community Modular & Electronic'. I use the term 'record label' loosely since its essentially just a bunch of demos and mix tapes from synth enthusiasts.

So in short, I hope to whip this place into shape again in a much less 'try hard' style. Thanks for visiting!  

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